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How is Aspire different?
Is it right for you?
However different the products created are, they all have one thing in
common. They are the inventionof amarketingdepartment builtwith the
intention of attracting customers and revenue. And from a commercial
perspective, that is entirely normal. But what the providers can’t possibly
know iswhether theproduct is right for you.
A fairdeal in the future
The Financial Conduct Authority has recognised this problem. New
regulation aims to reduce the ambiguity, increase standards within the
industry and, crucially, commission payments between providers and
advisers on new investments are now banned. But changing a whole
industry isbound tobeslow. Often thestuff you reallyneed toknow - the
charges, disadvantages, whether it is reallygoing toget youcloser to your
financial goal - are still not clear.
Aspire: a faster stepchange
Aspire steppedaway from this folly over 5 years ago, well before thenew
regulation.Weoffer financial planning that’s all about you: aligned to your
goals and objectives. We do this by asking you to pay us a fee for our
planning and investment services. In thisway, we can solelywork for you.
And, as a result, we need only select the products and providers that can
help satisfy your needs.
Put simply,weplaceyouat the topof the ladder.
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