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WE ARE NOT Gold Aspire Consultancy! We don’t make automated or unsolicited calls! We are not car accident claim chasers!

A company called Gold Aspire Consultancy is making continuous unsolicited & automated calls and some people have contacted us in error believing us to be the perpetrators. Please be assured that neither The Aspire Partnership LLP nor The Aspire Consultancy (Bristol) Ltd ever make unsolicited calls. We are a professional financial planning firm who just happen to have a similar company name.

You can report these unsolicited calls to There is also a service online called the Telephone Preference Service which may help you to stop receiving these kinds of calls, this is a free service so it’s worth signing up for it.


David considered himself very lucky. Yes, there had been difficult times over the years; when he'd been made redundant & when his Dad died. But, overall, life was good! He had his own profitable business. His wife, Lucy, was still a Partner in a law firm. His children had families of their own & good careers: Annie in marketing; Harry in the family business. Lucy & he both had their health; she loved her golf, he his sailing. But David had a growing sense of unease over his financial future. Sure, he'd made some shrewd decisions over the years: they had money invested, in his business property in his SIPP and income from a few rental properties. But he was so busy with his business, the grandchildren, holidays- life! The financial world kept changing; news and information constant but confusing. He realised he was less confident in his own answers... Could he afford to retire? Could he extract his money from the business & still pass it on to Harry? Perhaps give a share to Annie? He thought Lucy had a pretty good work pension but had to admit he was not sure. And what to do with the money gifted from Mum? Could he spend it or perhaps give it to Annie & Harry? If he did, would he run out? Would he be able to still afford the fees if Mum needed care? And what about Inheritance Tax? Clearly, David thought, I am just at a time in my life when one starts to worry! He needed someone who would look at his whole life & really help him plan...aspire